9th December 2014


Hoping for a No-Spend-Day today, so here are the small things I have done and intend to do to keep it that way.

  1. Picked up my free coffee from Waitrose this morning – this is a great benefit that doesn’t require you to buy anything else! Keeps my hands and tummy warm on my walk from the train station to work.
  2. Breakfast (scrambled egg, porridge), lunch (Covent Garden soup that Tesco actually paid me to take away – more on that later), dinner (home made curry, made with a portion of leftover veggie shepherds pie mixed with half a tub of leftover chip shop curry sauce) and snacks (fruit, value crisps, value chocolate bar) all already bought and/or made.
  3. Will read my library book on my lunch break in the Virgin Lounge, where I will drink their complimentary coffee and eat their complimentary biscuits!

My train pass is already paid for so I’m looking forward to getting home and cuddling up with my family. Just need to decide what to watch on TV!

So, about that soup. Covent Garden soup is, until the end of today, on offer at Tesco for £1.17 a carton, which will do two portions. I had an emailed coupon for £1 off (you can also get it from their website or see the image below – I’m afraid I don’t know when this link will work until) which I used alongside a 75p off coupon from the current Tesco magazine. Both were accepted on the self scan checkout, making the soup free and taking an additional 58p off the rest of my shopping bill! Anyone else got any good extreme couponing ideas to share?

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