10th December 2014

Today a couple of things have challenged my no-spend motivation; I am excusing them because it’s pre-Christmas and ‘these things happen’. However both things have been properly thought out! 🙂

The first purchase was after I saw a code on MoneySavingExpert.com for £5 off when you spend £10 on Amazon using a Mastercard. I’ve had a £4 book in my basket that I just know S will love for ages, but not needing anything else has stopped me buying it as I’m reluctant to pay the delivery charge. This code allowed me to get two balloons for his birthday party in January and a stocking filler packet of felt tip pens that were needed anyway, for £5.90 altogether. I think that’s a worthwhile spend.

The second purchase I haven’t yet made but I need to get two gifts for S’s nursery workers. I’ve seen a 40% off code when you spend £10 at the Body Shop and I think I can probably get them both something from there for under £7 after that code has been taken off. I wish I’d thought about this earlier as if you use the same code online you also get a free gift – although then I’d perhaps have had to think about postage costs.

Anyway. I’ll consider this second purchase carefully; unfortunately I need it for tomorrow so I don’t have much time!

What kind of gifts did you give nursery workers/school teachers?

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