Saving samples

This is something I do just out of habit but I realised while I was away on holiday recently that it’s something that could possibly help others be a little more frugal.

When you’re going on holiday, do you stock up on those little toiletry miniatures at Boots and suchlike? If so – stop! Do what I do!

I have a cardboard box in the top of my wardrobe, and every time I get a sample sachet or tube, either in the post, in a magazine, or after a cheeky ask at the counters in department stores, the sample goes in there. Then, whenever I’m going away, I have a little root through the box and pick enough toiletries to last me however many days I’ll need them for.

A sample of my samples!

A sample of my samples!

As you can see, the brands I have in my cardboard box are not cheap ones – there’s some Olay, some Clarins, some L’Occitane – brands I probably couldn’t afford to buy a full bottle of. However, doing this means I get to have a little bit of luxury on my holiday – even when that’s a bargain break at Butlins – at no extra cost!

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