December 29th – and so it begins…

So. Back to work today, and I intend to start my frugal month (and hopefully year!) today.

My first task was to sign up to Dryathalon; I have a couple of good friends who have lost their husbands to cancer this year so if I can pass up that glass of wine to raise money in an attempt to stop anyone else suffering this cruel fate then it’s the least I can do. It will also have the knock on effect of saving me money and making me healthier. If anyone cares to donate, here’s the link (or you can text DASP77 £5, or however much you want to donate, to 70070). Thank you.


My next task, and this is my first ‘necessary’ purchase for 2015, before it even begins, is to buy some new foundation. I have heard good things about Superdrug’s MUA range and I’ve spotted that they have a foundation for £2.00 – which coincidentally is the amount I have to spend on my Superdrug Beautycard – so I think I will try this out. I’ll report back.

The final thing I need to do is to get my flu jab. I know I should already have had one but I have not been able to afford it – however, I have just had an email from work saying I can have a free one, so I’m getting that done today at Boots. It comes with some great freebies too – a Cold Defense Nasal Spray and some vitamin C tablets, which I’ll get to keep.

What savings do you have planned today?

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