The Best Free Magazines

Why would you ever buy a magazine when there are so many readily available for free? There are lots of free newspapers doing the rounds as well; the ones I read on a regular basis are Metro, which is handily available at my train station, and the Waitrose weekly paper – which isn’t really news, unless you count stories about where onions are growing this month as news – available at Waitrose stores. Before I went on maternity leave, I signed up to a fair few 3 for £1 magazine subscriptions, and subscriptions where the value of the free gift outweighed the cost of the subscription; however I didn’t really have time to read any of them so I now have an overflowing box full in my wardrobe! It is my intention to not buy any new magazines during 2015 and either read ones from my wardrobe (the articles don’t really go out of date, and there are plenty of celebrity gossip websites if I need an up to date fix!) or read one of the magazines my list below. Enjoy!

  1. On street handouts – Stylist, Shortlist, NME. Free weekly from major cities.
  2. In store magazines – Tesco, Waitrose and Boots all have decent magazines that aren’t just advertorials but also contain interesting articles about food and health.
  3. Sport magazine – I pick this up in Manchester library so I don’t know where else it is distributed but it has a good online alternative.


Do you know of any others? Let me know in the comments below!

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