October Aims

Yes I know it’s the 4th already, time really does fly when you’re busy saving money doesn’t it?

In a new series on A Frugal Month, I’m going to be sharing my aims for the months ahead and reflecting on the month past. Where did I go wrong? What can I do to improve this month? Also, more positively what did I do right and how can I build on that?

So, in no particular order, here are my aims for October.

  1. Continue to declutter my house. It’s amazing how quickly you can see improvements when you focus on getting rid of things and tidying up the remains for a couple of hours. Check out the progress I’ve recently made on what is known as the ‘corner of doom’. While it doesn’t seem very frugal to throw things out/donate/recycle if they don’t ‘spark joy‘, what I am finding is that I am buying far fewer things as I’m now able to see and access the things I love.befunky-collage
  2. No new clothes. I can’t even remember the last time I bought any clothes for myself – the last clothes transaction I have on my statements was March 2016 so I’m going from there. I’m thinking about following in the footsteps of Mrs Frugalwoods and seeing if I can go a whole year.
  3. Use up the fridge contents before we go on holiday. We’re off to Butlins on 23rd October and I want to make sure we don’t waste anything before then. I only have around £40 left in the food budget so this will help that as well. I also want to plan some meals for while we’re there so as to avoid eating out all the time, so will get a box started of dry goods that we can take with us.
  4. No using my credit card. I have £50 left in the fun budget and this will have to do me.
  5. Make good use of our English Heritage membership while the weather is still good. We’ve already been to Beeston Castle and are planning a trip to Brodsworth House towards the end of the month. We paid for this using Clubcard vouchers so it didn’t cost a thing.

So, those are my October aims. I’ll reflect back on them come the 1st (4th) November.

What are your aims for October?

2 thoughts on “October Aims

  1. organisedredhead says:

    I’m with you in the decluttering and the not buying clothes. Having recently moved house I realised how much unnecessary and cluttering stuff I’d accumulated and have been trying to be ruthless in getting rid of it!

    Nice post.



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