Paris and a stalemate

This often happens to me. I have a very inspired month and then the following month it all starts to feel like a hard slog. It was the main reason I started blogging again after a long break; I hoped it would inspire the frugality to continue. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t yet reached that place where frugal living is a way of life, but then I remember that so much of what I do on a day to day basis (mystery shopping, bringing in my own lunches, never buying coffees) is all part of the journey.

I’ve just booked a little bargain break in Paris for the three of us next year (£600 for a three night break including flights and AirBnB accommodation *) so the frugality is going to have to step up a notch if it’s not going to ruin my debt repayment plans. And it’s this that makes it feel like a trial. I’ve spoken before about how family holidays are hugely important to me and I have no buyers remorse about booking this one either, but it’s the day to day tedium of frugality that gets me in trouble and sees me breaking out my credit card.


Mr FM and I in Paris back in 2008

I have eleven days until I get paid and I am out of fun money. My food budget is all but spent. Everything that was being sold has been sold or is not getting any interest. I’ve tried Matched Betting but I was too concerned about losing even more. We had a quiet weekend where very little was spent and we barely left the house. So I feel like I’m at a stalemate.

HOWEVER. This too will pass. As I say, it’s just eleven days, and eight of those will be spent at work. One of them will be spent at home alone doing housework and general decluttering. So that’s just two days – this weekend – where I need to power through and not spend a lot. We’ll be using our train passes to go to a free Tim Peake event, we’ve been invited to a children’s birthday party (presents purchased) and we have our son’s swimming lesson after which we’re all too tired to do anything so will have a movie afternoon (popcorn and DVDs in plentiful supply). And at the end of the eleven days, we go on holiday. Bring it on.

How are you getting on with your frugality? What are you doing to save money this week? Let me know in the comments.

* My AirBnB link is a referral link – if you register using this link we both get £25 Travel credit! If you would rather not use my referral link, please click here.

4 thoughts on “Paris and a stalemate

  1. Sarah says:

    I find it tougher to be frugal in winter. I am reasonably frugal all year, I think, but generally enjoy it in summer when you can go out for more walks and there seem to be more free events in town… Then again, if I had a lavish lifestyle, I’d enjoy that less in winter than in summer… I just don’t like being cold!


  2. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds says:

    Hey don’t worry, it will be ok 🙂 I get times when I just feel a bit down like this too. But it really helps to have a goal in sight. Are you trying to be frugal because you want more money for other things, or to get out of debt for example?
    There are plenty of things to do for free with the kids that they will still enjoy (probably more so!)…and yourself too 🙂 I love that you have a plan for this weekend. If you plan for all eventualities you shouldn’t find yourself getting out the credit card – or better yet, leave it at home!


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