English Heritage

We’ve noticed since Master FM started school that our lives have become over-scheduled and, as a result, we’re all feeling stressed and like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We’ve been trying to carve out some free time for us all where we can just be together as a family and get back to nature; however there’s only so many times you can explore your local woods and nature reserves, as beautiful as they are (and assuming you even have anything like that near you). But anything more than that can come with a cost.


Master FM on a recent troop through our local nature reserve

So I was very happy to discover that Tesco Clubcard offer the option to purchase a joint annual membership for English Heritage for just £30 worth of Clubcard vouchers (£16.50 for a single adult, £20 for a joint senior membership and just £13 for a single senior membership). You don’t even need to factor in the kids as up to six kids go free! Since purchasing ours we have visited Peveril Castle in Castleton and Beeston Castle in the Cheshire countryside and plan to stop off at Brodsworth Hall on the way to our Halloween trip to Butlins to extend the spookiness with their Halloween trail!


Beeston Castle and Peveril Castle days out

There are so many English Heritage properties up and down the country so there is likely to be something near you, or even en route when you’re going somewhere else – I know a few people who use their memberships for a place to stop and picnic and stretch their legs when they’re on a long journey! They also run events for all the family such as the aforementioned Halloween trail and the recent Autumn Fairs, as well as exclusive Members Only events – and you’ll get sent a great members handbook and a regular magazine! And as well as getting a great value for money day out, you’re also helping English Heritage to preserve some of England’s finest historic sites and artifacts.

We’re already looking into going somewhere on the way back from Butlins too – perhaps the Sibsey Trader Windmill or Lincoln’s Medieval Bishop’s Palace.

What English Heritage properties would you recommend? Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “English Heritage

  1. babyfoote says:

    We haven’t been to an English Heritage property in a long time as we’re NT members, but we really enjoyed a visit to Chesters Roman Fort in the Hadrian Wall region, which is EH. It had a great variety of children’s activities, which even my toddler could enjoy.

    Thank you for joining #daysoutwithatoddler – see you next month!


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