Zeek – discounted gift cards


I’ve previously spoken about how I don’t intend to buy physical gifts for my loved ones this Christmas, and how I would much prefer to spend time with those people. If that’s not possible however (like with my parents who, this year, I will not see over the festive period) then I still want them to know I’m thinking of them. I love the idea of buying experiences – things they can look back on – rather than cluttering up their homes, but being the frugalista I am I’m always on the lookout for discounts and bargains.

So why are you telling me this again?

Gift vouchers tend to be one of those things you just can’t get a discount on because you’re effectively looking for money off money – the restaurant/cinema chain/novelty bumper sticker maker will be selling vouchers as a way of guaranteeing that money will be spent with them. Why would they discount this? It’s like giving away money!

And that’s where Zeek comes in. It’s a brilliant concept and one that can be used to buy gifts at a discounted rate, as well as to simply get a discount at a store that may not usually offer them.

How does it work?

Once upon a time, a person, lets call them Joe, received a gift card for Pizza Express for his birthday. He doesn’t like Italian food. But he can’t tell Auntie Anita that, so it goes into a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Until Zeek showed up. He was able to sell his gift card to Zeek! Now, Zeek own the gift card, and can sell it on to someone else, let’s call them Joanna. Joanna wants to buy her sister a gift card for Pizza Express for her Christmas present. She logs onto Zeek, selects the voucher she wants – AT A DISCOUNT! – and it’s sent out to her. So, so easy!

Sounds great! I want in!

And why wouldn’t you?! Simply click here* to get a £5 discount off your first purchase. That’s right – a discount off a discount! When I first tried Zeek, I got a £20 voucher for £12.90 – that’s just free money! And now that Christmas is creeping up on us, I’ve just purchased another voucher for my parents – and I hope they remember their meal out longer than they would have remembered that novelty toothbrush set.

I received a voucher from Zeek in exchange for this review; however all thoughts and opinions are my own.
* This link is a referral link that as well as giving you £5 off your first purchase will also give me £5 credit on my account. If you would rather not use my referral link, please click here.

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