Such sad times

You may have seen my post about our trip to Paris last weekend… I am now reading breaking news about a person attacking police outside beautiful Notre-Dame and being shot. While we were in Paris we heard about the London attacks and before we went we were looking forward to getting out of Manchester following the horrific attack at the Arena.

I have written before about my reflections on a world gone mad, and am now even more convinced I want to change my life, make it simpler, easier, more beautiful, especially for my son. But I don’t even know now where to run to. The world seems a scary place.

We have an election on Thursday. I hope with all my heart that the UK votes the right way and that a change will come sooner rather than later. If you haven’t made up your mind about who to vote for, I urge you to take this quiz which will help you decide. Whoever you vote for, please ensure you are well informed and that you use your vote.

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