Fiscal Fasting

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of A Frugal Month, you’ll know that we love our holidays and our family time together. We’re currently 12 weeks away from the end of the year and still have two family holidays to look forward to! However, this does mean that we need to put aside some spending money, so, with this in mind, I am today embarking on a two week fiscal fast.

If you don’t know what a fiscal fast entails, basically you don’t spend any money for a set period of time, aside from necessary direct debits, bill payments, and food you actually need. Ransack your cupboards and meal plan from those, rather than spending vast amounts of money in the supermarket when you already probably have hundreds of pounds worth of food back home. Use up those free samples and hotel toiletries instead of buying new ones. Watch the DVDs you have instead of buying new. Play the games you have instead of buying new. Have a date night at home instead of going out. You get the picture.

So, who fancies joining me? We’re off on our next jaunt on Monday 23 October which is also payday so the £12 fun money and £12 food money I have left will have to last me two weeks. I know it will be easier if people are cheering me on and joining in with the challenge!


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