Such sad times

You may have seen my post about our trip to Paris last weekend... I am now reading breaking news about a person attacking police outside beautiful Notre-Dame and being shot. While we were in Paris we heard about the London attacks and before we went we were looking forward to getting out of Manchester following … Continue reading Such sad times

Acceptance, or how to make good from bad

On our walk to before-school club this morning, my son suddenly stopped in the street and said "Ohh... I forgot to put my watch on!" and then started making that whining noise that small boys make often. Some context - the watch was a birthday present last weekend and yesterday was the first time he'd … Continue reading Acceptance, or how to make good from bad

168 hours

I write this whilst watching my son at his swimming lesson - he's not progressing at the rate I had hoped and I know a lot of the reason for it is that this half an hour is the only time during the 168 hours each week that he spends in the water (not including … Continue reading 168 hours