It’s beginning to cost a lot, this Christmas…

Mr C and Master S.

This is my first year with a child who is old enough to understand that Christmas equals presents. S is almost 3 and, while he isn’t asking for anything in particular, I am so looking forward to seeing his little face light up when he is presented with a roomful of Monsters University merchandise.

However, this constant present buying takes it’s toll on the purse, and there are still other things that I need to buy. We currently have no festive food, the tree has only just been decked (where were all the clear fairy lights this year?!) and the Secret Santa is yet to be purchased (more on that later).

So, when passing Poundland, I thought, hey, I wonder what I can get from my ever expanding list in here? And I have to say – a lot! Here is a list of the items I purchased, all for £20.

1. A melamine serving plate. This will come in handy for the Christmas day snack buffet – and just this weekend I also saw that our local cafe are using them for children’s cooked breakfasts, which is a great idea if you have a child who is phobic about bean juice touching toast…

2. Christmas doggy treats. A gift for my colleague’s dog!

3. Happy Birthday loot bags. S turns 3 in January so the expense is all going to begin again as soon as Christmas is over!

4. Fruit gummies. Perfect sweet treats for S on days when I’d rather he didn’t have chocolate.

5 and 6. Pergale chocolates – for mum and dad on Christmas day.

7. Russian doll trinket box – perfect to put aside in case of last minute gift emergencies!

8. Mickey Mouse push light. S has recently started getting up for a wander at night, this will help him see his books.

9. Cheese! For our buffet at work tomorrow (yum).

10. 6 children’s toothbrushes. He’s going to need them after his Christmas chocs….

Subtotal: £10.00

11 and 12. 3 selection boxes for £2. We are not doing a Secret Santa at work this year but instead using the money to buy food to donate to the foodbank. We’ve also decided to add a small chocolate gift. What a lovely treat for such a small outlay.

13.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar sticker book. Lovely little stocking filler.

14-17. Melamine bowls, plates and salad serving bowl. Will be used to great effect on Christmas day.

18. Cookie Crisp cereal. Another potential sugar saver – I plan to dole out small bowls of this whenever S asks for chocolate or biscuits over Christmas.

19. 6 pack of Butterkist toffee popcorn – perfect for my girls’ trip to the cinema (Hunger Games, since you asked).

20. Another melamine serving plate – because a friend was coveting the one in the cafe!

Grand total: £20.00
It feels great to have those few things ticked off my list – and at such a cheap price!

Have a wonderful festive season xx

Disclaimer – Poundland sent me £20 as part of their Christmas challenge. The choice of what to spend it on was mine.

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