Taking advantage

There’s a quote over on Frugalwoods where Mrs FW and Mr 1500 point out that some goods never need to be manufactured again–that’s how saturated our world is with material goods. I believe that to be true. I also believe, in a similar vein, that if we live or work in a major city, there is literally no need to spend money on being entertained or even being fed and watered, at least not daily.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a run down of what I did on my lunch break today:

  1. Popped into Boots to pick up the Health and Beauty Magazine (free to Advantage Card holders). Will keep me entertained for my train journey home.
  2. Whilst in Boots I had a chat with the lady behind the counter at Clarins who, after 5 minutes of discussing my ‘skin needs’, gave me a whole bundle of samples. Win!


    Free samples!

  3. Walked past Whittards where I noticed they had a tasting station set up for some of their teas. Yum!


    Tea Tasting at Whittards

  4. I then walked to Paperchase around the corner to pick up my free coffee.


    Tinderbox Coffee

  5. Coffee in hand, I walked to Chop’d who recently ran a promotion whereby if you took a selfie in front of their under-development store, they would send you a voucher for a free salad. Picked this up for lunch.



If I’d have had more time, there would have been no end of galleries and museums I could have whiled away some time in, but I had to get back to work.

So, sign up to those free loyalty cards, be cheeky in shops and keep those peepers open for offers all around you – yes they’re all designed to make you spend but if you’re the savvy one in a million then you can work the system to your advantage. Good luck!


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