Love’s a hand me down brew


I don’t know what I would do without my free coffee from Waitrose on my way to work – aside from anything else it’s an excuse to meet up with Mr FrugalMonth who starts work two hours before me so it’s rare I see him in the mornings for more than a bleary-eyed kiss when he creeps out of the room. So our little Waitrose rendezvous is a chance to have a quick chat before our days start properly, and gives me a little caffeine kick for the 15 minute walk to my office from the station.

There are plenty of places to get free coffees from dotted around, so bookmark this link and you’ll never have to pay for one again! I haven’t included places where you need to buy a certain amount of coffees before you get a free one, these are literally places where the coffee is free as a perk of the membership. However, if you regularly visit a coffee shop and pay for your drinks (you shouldn’t, but that’s a whole other post) and they have a loyalty card, sign up for it!

Sign up for a My Waitrose card online, you’ll get it in the post. Then go in to the store, scan it at the tills and collect a cup (you can use a travel cup too but you still have to scan the card). You can then get an Americano, latte, cappuccino or tea from the self service machines. If you’re going to one with a cafe and you want to sit in to drink you have to buy something but if you’re taking away then you don’t.

You’re entitled to a free coffee once every 7 days from the Tinderbox cafe. Again no other spend required. It’s a filter coffee but you can upgrade to any other drink and just pay the difference. You’ll need to collect a card in store, then register it here.

One regular hot drink per Booths cardholder per day. To enjoy your free regular hot drink use the take-away coffee machines located in store. If you wish to claim your free regular hot drink from a store café, the drink may only be claimed alongside a food purchase from the café. Pick up a temporary card from your local store; you can start using it straight away to claim cardholder pricing.

Currently when you download the Greggs app you get a free coffee added that you can redeem with no other spend. They often add other rewards – I’m currently tucking into a free granola bar – and you’ll get a sweet treat reward on your birthday too.

Not technically free as you have to pay £10 a month for the membership, but you’re entitled then to two free hot drinks a month at their garden centres, which can be worth £50 a year.

Again, not free as the membership costs £10 a year, but again you’ll get two free hot drinks a month at the garden centres.

Marks and Spencer
There isn’t strictly a free coffee policy here but if you sign up the Sparks card you get weekly offers added; I’ve recently had a free coffee added to my card. It’s free to join so it can’t hurt!

Ikea’s Family Card gets you free tea and coffee in store every weekday!

Virgin Lounge
These are only in a few cities but if you’re lucky enough to have one near you they’re a goldmine. Free drinks, biscuits, fruit and cordial along with playstations for the kids and iPads for the grownups. You have to have a Virgin Money product to apply for membership.

Let me know where I’ve missed!

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