September wins

  • Credit Card debt: Total paid off £336.39
  • Holiday savings: £115.00
  • Mortgage Overpayment: £120.00
  • Other savings (train pass, emergency account etc): £295.00
  • Mystery Dines: Four, at a value of £70.18
  • Mystery Shops: Two, at a value of £26.00 (including getting to keep one of the products)
  • Quidco: £29.32, from paying for our summer holidays
  • Clicksnap: £10.79
  • Checkout Smart: £6.41
  • Shopmium: £4.18
  • Ebay sales: £5.70
  • Ziffit: £7.24
  • Music Magpie: £13.40

I’m pleased with the above but would like to start tracking my No Spend Days as well. Hopefully my new Bullet Journal will allow me to do this!

How did you get on in September?

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