My Shopping Ban

So I wrote a few months back about how I was going to embark on a 6 month shopping ban, starting January 1st. Clearly I didn’t get around to posting again about that, but I am now ready to begin!

Shopping bans are great ways to help you refocus your mind on the things that actually matter to you, as well as helping to save money, clear debts and declutter your house. The Budgets and Cents podcast about Shopping Bans is a great way to start, along with Ms Frugalwoods posts about how she hasn’t bought any clothes for, wow, 3 years now!

My ban will only apply to things purchased for myself but I will also try and rein in what I buy for my son. At almost 6 years old he is already a consumer, and unfortunately for him, his birthday is mid-January so he has to go 11 months of the year without gifts. He doesn’t ask for expensive things (£2.50 Grossery Gang figures mainly) but he asks a lot – like, every time we go to Tesco – and that still adds up. I hope to encourage him to earn his own money through small jobs around the house.

Personally, I haven’t bought any new clothes since March 2016 and I hope to continue that until at least June this year. I know I need new winter boots but the weather has been mild so far this winter and I have one good pair, plus two less good (warm but not waterproof due to holes) and a pair of hiking boots that I hope will see me through the remaining months. I would like a new summer dress to take away with me in August as I literally wore my last one to death (it ended up with a large, unfixable hole in the stomach) but it did last me two summers and I wore it all the time. Aside from that, I can’t see what else I will need before the weather warms up again.


My favourite – now dearly departed – summer dress

I rarely buy music – I will make an exception to my shopping ban if One Direction (or any members) drop a surprise album or – be still my heart – announce a tour! – but aside from that everything will be streamed on Spotify (free Premium trial here!). I don’t buy DVDs but instead my husband has a LoveFilm by post subscription (free trial here!) and we also have a free (until April) Netflix account (free trial here!). Take a look at my post about how to watch TV for free for more options. I don’t buy books but instead make good use of my local library. So that’s those three covered.

Toiletries. We have a huge stash of these in our spare room so I will continue to run these down and hopefully not need anything else before June. I also have a box of samples to take with me on holiday. The only thing I think I will need before then is conditioner but I will see if I can use less of what I have and make it stretch. However, if I need it I need it, and I will buy it on offer or use loyalty points.

I’ll check in as I go – please let me know if there’s anything I might have forgotten in the comments!


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